Discovering true masculinity in the life of Christ

october 8, 2018

when your back is against the wall: where do you go?

- Sons of Thunder Lightning Round 
- Deliberation
- Vulnerability
- It's Never Too Late

october 1, 2018

ROARING passion with special guest msgr. martin schlag

Contents of this Podcast:
- Sons of Thunder Hot Seat
- How to Pour Wine
- The Split of our Lives
- Unity of Life
- Our call to our Vocation

September 23, 2018

don’t go through the motions

- Lots of Banter/Catchup
- Turn out not in
- The Rock
- Just Do It
- Find Purpose/Passion

september 16,2018

The heart of courage

Contents Of This Podcast: 
- Institutional Inclusivity vs. Identity
- Discovering Courage 
- Being Courageous Today
- More Lord Of The Rings

Receiving vs. Achieving: Being Human

August 16, 2018

- 5 Minute SOT Reunion
- Nerd Moments 
- Receiving Love
- Encountering Suffering
- Fear vs. Trust

May 2018

Christ in Business

-Sean and Jake summer update
-Check out the video at

April 5, 2018

happiness; these nights flash by


march 9, 2018

For theirs is the kingdom of heaven


Living with conviction

Feb 12, 2018


- Christian Joy vs. Christian Conviction

- Some insights from Newman

- Experiencing the fruit of discipline

- What does it mean to be obedient?

December 17, 2017

Stressed Out



October 20, 2017

The Power of Vulnerability


- Being vulnerable with men, women, and God

- Taking the first step ourselves

- The healing power of vulnerability

- Inviting God in through our surrender

- Vulnerability vs. Weakness

Respecting Women

September 27, 2017


- Objectification of Snapchat

- "You always have two choices" - Will

- "It's the duty of every man to respect the dignity of every woman" - JPII

- Pursuing the Beauty behind the beauty 

- How do we pursue women well?

Calling Others on

September 20, 2017

Contents of this podcast:

- Encountering Christ

- Discovering our call as disciples

- Some talk on Star Wars

- Allowing Jesus to call others on through us

- Living with purpose as a son of God

A Battle to Fight

September 20, 2017

Contents of this podcast:

- Jesus as a WARRIOR

- Traits of a Warrior  

- Warrior thinks above himself

- We are not alone, the Lord is with us 

- Be a Dangerous Man