This is where all of the live talks given by the Sons of Thunder will be posted in case you were not able to make it to the live event. Be sure to follow us on Social Media so you won't miss our live talks.

November 28th 2017

Live at CCR Men's Youth group: Stepping up to the Plate

Contents of this Podcast:

- The three beginning stages of masculinity

- Receiving permission to be men in today's culture

- Confronting conflicts and big decisions

- Knowing our identity and who we've been made to be

- Our own experiences from Cowboy to Warrior

Live at Tommie Catholic: Faith & Fitness

October 3rd 2017

Contents of this Podcast:

- The Grind

- How do we incorporate our faith into our fitness?

- Pursuing virtue while pursuing a healthy lifestyle

- The struggle with vanity and pride