Series 1:

Discovering true masculinity in the life of Christ

Respecting Women

September 27, 2017


- Objectification of Snapchat

- "You always have two choices" - Will

- "It's the duty of every man to respect the dignity of every woman" - JPII

- Pursuing the Beauty behind the beauty 

-How do we pursue women well?

September 20, 2017

Calling Others on 

Contents of this podcast:

- Encountering Christ

- Discovering our call as disciples

- Some talk on Star Wars

- Allowing Jesus to call others on through us

- Living with purpose as a son of God

September 20, 2017

A Battle to Fight

Contents of this podcast:

- Jesus as a WARRIOR

- Traits of a Warrior  

- Warrior thinks above himself

- We are not alone, the Lord is with us 

- Be a Dangerous Man