Sons of Thunder is extending an invitation to help young men find their purpose in life. Every human heart longs for fulfillment, the problem is that most men simply do not know where to start. By combining aspirations for greatness with zeal for God, we tap into the well of unquenchable desire to act boldly and in a purposeful way. Our weekly podcasts and daily social media posts provide solutions to and encourage self-betterment that create a committed follower-base. Using the three tenets of faith, fellowship, and fitness as our foundation, Sons of Thunder addresses the most common concerns facing young men today.  

Meet the Sons

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Sean Healy

Hey guys, Sean here. I graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 2018 with a degree in Finance and currently work as a financial analyst at Ecolab. I'm super excited to be running with you everyone of you and learning more about true masculinity. My goal is to grow closer to Christ each and every day and to encourage you to do the same! I do not agree with what society says about men and I want  to break all of those misconceptions about who you are. You are a SON and a loved one. Never forget that.


John Lucke

What's up guys, it's John. I'm a Senior at the University of St. Thomas studying Psychology, Catholic Studies, and Exercise Science. Jesus Christ has changed my life radically. Letting Him in will reveal unforeseen adventure and passion. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to see this organization come to life! Sons of Thunder will help us cultivate greatness in all aspects of our lives. I want to be the best version of myself starting today, and I challenge you to do the same.


Jacob Mischke

Hey guys, Jacob Mischke here. I'm a Senior at the University of St. Thomas studying Entrepreneurship and minoring in Catholic Studies. My lifestyle revolves around faith, fellowship, and fitness. I wish to expand on these areas of my life through our platform and to have fun while doing so! Although oftentimes it is difficult and challenging, to actively pursue Christ is the BEST way to live and WILL bring the most joy into the lives of each and everyone who chooses to follow Him. I cannot wait to grow in faith with my fellow Sons of Thunder!  

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Eric Bromback

Hey guys, Eric here. I recently graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a double majoring in Communication & Journalism and Catholic Studies. Currently, I serve as the head of development at Camp Wojtyla, a Catholic outreach program for youth. After inviting Christ into everything that I do, my life has turned into an incredible adventure. I joined the Catholic Church in 2016 because I had truly experienced the freedom and healing that Christ has to offer in the Eucharist, and within the sacraments. My prayer is that God will continue to use Sons of Thunder to bring the freedom and healing of Christ into young men's lives. I'm super excited to share in this journey with my fellow brothers in Christ!